Thursday, September 2, 2010

Website update finished

Hi everyone. Great news today: our new website is up and running! Check it out at And while you're there, check out the forum and make yourself an account so you can join the discussion!

While the majority of the content is untouched, the new update brings a new, classier look to the website. The new CITL website has complex CSS formatting and efficient JavaScript that levels it with professional websites. The new site also has our new logo designed by Yuan Dai, a more organized template, and more.

Though the looks have improved tremendously, the primary purpose of this update was the forum. Forums offer new ways of communication between the volunteers and the general public. The purpose of a forum on the Chess in the library website is to encourage a more bonding relationship between the volunteers and the people attending the program. Everyone can become a member of the forum with just a few clicks. As a member of the forum you are encouraged to share your own ideas and suggestions for the program, discuss the volunteering, or simply discuss anything related to chess.
I find myself extremely satisfied with the results of this project. There are still some minor issues, some of which include browser specific issues and load time, but overall this has been very successful. I am aware that there are still a little polishing to do, and will complete those ASAP.