Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pleasant View week Seven

This week 14 people showed up to our library, six of whom are students at Pleasant View Junior High School. The newcomers off-balance the loss of players due to the new school year.

Hazel came back to Toronto and visited us, she brought more candy supplies for the kids. Thanks Hazel.

As more people from Pleasant View came, the skill level of the competition has increased. I personally think that we should teacher/ask the participants to record their games(it's Hazel's idea, I felt the obligation to credit her for it). Their recorded games can be of great use for maybe posting them on the website. Thus making a game of the week kind of thing. This way the players will be more encouraged and this will attract more visitors to the site(mind the pun).

The bag of candy hasn't been very generous lately as the puzzles are getting harder! Due to me forgetting to bring the puzzle book(oops), we made our own puzzle and it's apparently pretty hard to solve!

Helping me this week was(in alphabetical order of first name), Aaron, Hazel, Kelly, and Sam.

That's it for this week, see you next week.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pleasant View meeting

This week the school has taken its toll on the program as this time 12 people showed up. But I am optimistic that it will get back to normal next week. Thanks to the staff who are working in the Pleasant View Junior High School for advertising the program there. This time there are several high school students who came and played. Also there was adult players too.

I am glad that people of higher ages are starting to join this program and I am certain that this will improve the skills of the participants.

I want to welcome Kelly Zheng to the volunteering team here at the library. Kelly joined last week and has been a great help to the program.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Interestingly the number "16" seems to be haunting us, as this week, again 16 people showed up. The puzzles activity again proved it's popularity as this time we almost had a puzzle "shortage". I am to be honest impressed at how fast the kids solve them. It seems that the younger the participant the faster he/she solves the puzzles. I was constantly summoned to change the puzzle.

This week is also the last week that Hazel's gonna be here. I wanna thank her for her contributions.

I have talked to the library leader about the room, she said she's booked the room for our program. I hereby thank her and announce that our players could come play again next Saturday 10-12 am.