Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chess in the Library - Pleasant View Branch

When I first heard of Yuanling's Brilliant program Chess in the Library, I was suprised at the uniqueness and the promising goals of this program. Thus without hesitation I decided to help out. But I never would have thought that as fast as a month, a new branch of the program will open up, and I would be the leader of that branch!

After being humorously bossed around by Yuanling in the Brookbanks meetings, I have learned from her leadership skills and all the techniques needed to organize my own branch. Stuff like making pairings, registrations, grabbing people's attentions, speaking loudly, and of course the most important of all: how to boss other people around.

Last time I checked, 15 people already signed up. To me that is both relief and pressure. Relief knowing that so many people already signed up, but there is a sudden rush of responsibility. To be honest I am a bit scared of the first meeting, for all its uncertainties. All I have is a list with names; I know nothing about their age, gender, personality.

Still I am looking forward to the first meeting next saturday, and I have no doubt that it is going to turn out great.


  1. ohhh PV library?
    I can come help if you want :P
    haven't played chess in ages though so i might be rusty

  2. yu tong, u suck, i thought u came with the idea up ur self. i read all u r comment about the chess in the libary on the internet and i think that should let me or Steven help u to get more ppl in our school(if thats wat u want,more ppl).

  3. hey, that comment i put up there is from me, Jack, u r good friend.