Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pleasant View meeting

This week the school has taken its toll on the program as this time 12 people showed up. But I am optimistic that it will get back to normal next week. Thanks to the staff who are working in the Pleasant View Junior High School for advertising the program there. This time there are several high school students who came and played. Also there was adult players too.

I am glad that people of higher ages are starting to join this program and I am certain that this will improve the skills of the participants.

I want to welcome Kelly Zheng to the volunteering team here at the library. Kelly joined last week and has been a great help to the program.

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  1. hey yutong!
    i may be coming by this weekend to see how the program is doing. btw, you should check your email for viruses, because i keep getting advertisements sent from your email to mine.