Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pleasant view week 12

This week Hazel came back to visit and will join us to our meetings from now on. Welcome back to her; and thanks to Kelly who refilled the bag of candy with new candies. This sure will motivate people to the puzzles activity a lot more. Wonderful volunteers we have!

Unfortunately, I myself am moving away in December and will not be able to run the Pleasant view library. Kelly will take over then and run the program. I will of course visit back and see how things are going.

On the other hand we are still trying to promote the program as much as possible. Because of my inconveniences, Kelly will do the promotion. She will goto elementary schools and hand out flyers.

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  1. Hello. :D It's Raymond Luk from the Pleasant view Chess club. :O Sorry I wasn't there last week, I had music.>< Right now, I have a cold, if I get better, I'll drop by tomorrow. :O