Sunday, June 27, 2010

Website Update -Update

I've never expected the progress to be so fast. Yet out of boredom I have nothing to do but work on the website update. And yes, the forum is fully working. Though as for now it is not open to public yet because there is still extensive work to be done, but we have got a fully functioning forum! phpBB offers a very good free forum platform for building a community. It will be open to the public as soon as I change the appearance a bit, add our logo on the top, and discuss with other volunteers about the format, forums, topics etc.

Well as for now here's a screenshot of our new forum.

I also established a FTP connection between the server and my computer, which allows me to edit the website through a web editing software other than the one cpanel provides. This was not possible before but now I've fixed a bug on my computer and it is working.

Our main website on the other hand is going to have a brand new appearance. I started today working on the navigation bar. The old flash one was good, but it wasn't solid enough. The clicking is limited to left click(middle click and right click doesn't do anything).I've decided to adopt a new approach this time using Photoshop . Photoshop obviously allows way more visual opportunities than Flash. I'm hoping the new navigation bar to be smoother, more functional and better looking than the flash one. As for the banner of course our new logo is to be added, but that comes after making the navigation bar.

Here's a screenshot of what the navigation bar looks SO FAR. I have yet to start on filling them, and of course the color is going to change.

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  1. Good job Yutong! Keep it up! :)
    Looking forward to seeing the new site.