Saturday, August 7, 2010

Website Update -Banner

For the banner I decided to make it simple yet effective. The old one feels blurry and is just getting old. This time it's about to get real classy. Oh of course the new logo will be in it too.

I had a hard time deciding which font to use for the "Chess in the Library" text. After frustration and desperation after scrolling through every font I had, (I never realized there were so many fonts to choose from), I decided to stick with good ol' Times New Roman. It's formal, it's good looking, and it's readable.

After finishing the banner I decided to introduce it to its new "spouse" the navigation bar, as the banner will be spending the rest of its time on top of navigation bar. And yuck what a mess. The banner and navigation bar just don't look good together ---their colour just don't fit.

So I asked Ms. Navigation bar to compromise a bit, since we wanna make Mr. Banner feel welcome. I toned it's colour a bit to make it at least fit with the banner. Then I made the buttons 1/4 transparent(75% opacity) to blend in with the colours. After much work the two finally looked good together.

The new look has the simplicity I wanted. It looks more professional, and overall more "solid' than the previous banner.

I must mention here that the logo design is just brilliant. It's very artistic and stylish, yet effective nonetheless. Thanks the Yuan Dai again for this exceptional design.

Next up I'll work on the new CSS for our website, CSS is one of the most important elements of a good website. It allows the text, colour and layout of the website to be formatted. The old CSS for our website is very primitive, I'm hoping to change that and add more styles to our website.

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