Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pleasant View Branch week 2

Today we had our second meeting of the Chess in the Library program. It was great. There were almost 20 people here this time. We had a lot of fun. Because of a printer difficulty we had, we decided to hand the certificates from last week next week. I think the winners didn't mind at all.

Overall it was great, we've came across some very interesting games. But because the more players we had and Aaron's absence, we didn't have time to record interesting positions.

As Hazel mention in her blog, we are planning for some more activities, as some players in our Branch has finished 3 rounds in only 30 minutes while other players take 1 hour to complete a game. There is a strong demand of something else for them to do. In the brookbanks library we put chess books for the players to read, I have talked to the Librarian about it. We've decided that we should also put interesting puzzles or even use the television we have in that room for some chess movies.

The puzzle activity will be hosted by a organizer(me), with candy bars rewarded. I'll put up easy 2 move tactics and whoever solves it first gets a candy bar.

That's it for this week, see you next week!

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  1. hey yutong,
    I have a bunch of small candies we can give the kids for the puzzles. I was going to use them for my group lessons, but there's so much extra because of the strike and all. Are you going to take care of the puzzles?