Monday, August 24, 2009

PleasantView Branch week 4

This week, all our "regulars" have returned, sustained from last week is the number of people, as this week "16" people came again. As four weeks have passed, between the members and the organizers grew a great harmony. This week Aaron, Hazel and me were helping out, Sam couldn't make it because he was sick.

Business as usual, we played casual chess and with the great puzzles activity players were kept busy. The puzzle activity again proved its popularity as our players displayed strong interests.

After the rounds Aaron and I with 2 players played double chess together. It was a lot of fun. Other kids who also enjoyed this variation of chess played it as well. Maybe next time we will host a double chess tournament.

Another great idea came up by Hazel is to teach the players to write their moves down. This way we could put their games online, or even analyze it with them. Having the players writing the moves down could bring us a lot of benefits.

The website(made by me(not showing off or anything)) is upon completion. Hopefully you guys could see it by this very AFTERNOON! ! it should work once Yuanling upload it.

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