Monday, August 17, 2009

Pleasant View Branch week 3

Our third meeting was held last Saturday at ten again. This time due to other appointments of Hazel's students, 16 people showed up. Which is still an optimistic number. Each week we have a steady "supply" of new members joining our program. And this time we had improvements to the program as well.

This week we set up another activity for the kids and that is puzzles. We had three boards(including a big instruction board that Hazel brought) and set up chess puzzles for the kids. One is for beginner, one is for intermediate, and the really cool instruction board was for advanced. Hazel also brought some candies and we used them as prizes for solving the puzzle. If one person solved it then we set up another puzzle. Hazel brought(yes she brought LOTS of stuff) other interesting puzzles, as well as scrap paper and scrap pens.

This time things went smoothly. The kids who are finished their games are invited to solve the puzzles. Ironically, advanced and intermediate was easily solved whereas the beginner puzzle stayed unsolved until i showed them the answer.

The puzzles activity is a big success as suprisingly people stayed longer and some of them still didn't leave even until almost 30 minutes after 12.

I thank Hazel for all her wonderful contributions.
And it was a great turn out for the program.

That's all for this week, see you next!


  1. Thanks for mentioning me so many times, but really, you should receive a lot of credit! I do my best to help out, but it's the guys who arrange all the activities, bring the main puzzles, keep record of everyone signed up, distribute flyers, pair the groups, design the website (coming soon), create the certificates, and more! Couldn't have a library program without them.

  2. Wow that's amazing guys! Great improvement from last week eh? All thanks to Yutong, Hazel and others who helped!! :)