Tuesday, August 4, 2009


To award our dedicated audience who has been so supporting, I now present to you a little "gift".
Now after knowing us, and our program, you must have wondered: "How good in chess are the organizers?". Well I will tell you now.
First of all I suck so we'll skip me.
Yuanling Yuan and Michael Kleinman are good, REALLY good. And here is a interesting game played between the 2 in 2008. Michael Kleinman played white while Yuanling Yuan played Black. The end result was that Michael got checkmated by Yuanling, sadly the scoresheet didn't have the record of the glorious checkmate.How did i get the scoresheet? I don't know either, but here is the game between the two. Commented by me and my smart friend, Fritz 6.


  1. haha, I remember this... how exactly did you get this scoresheet Yutong?